Patrikia Maria Agrissa Sgourina

Inducted into the Fleur for: Early Period Clothing and Textiles (before 1000 CE), esp. Sassanid, Byzantine, Coptic and Late Roman; the archaeological digs at Antinoe, Egypt

Other Areas of Interest: Bardic Arts; Research and Documentation Techniques, Late Period Embroidery, the Bayeux Tapestry, Weaving (tapestry and tablet), Dyeing, Spanish Costume c.1500 CE, Old Irish Poetry, the textile finds at Herjolfnes (Greenland), Viking Culture/Textiles/Clothing


  • Decorating Early Period Garb
  • The Art of Research
  • Documentation for Competition
  • Riding Coats before 1000 CE
  • Debunking Byzantine Garb Myths
  • Early Byzantine Clothing for Women
  • Early Byzantine Clothing for Men
  • The Byzantine Collar
  • Reconstructing Early Period Extant Garments
  • History of Early Irish Bards
  • The Influence of Sassanid Military Uniform on Early Byzantine Court Culture
  • Sassanian Riding Costume in the 7th Century
  • Early Period Garb Hand-Sewing Techniques

Current Group: East Kingdom

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